Friday, February 12, 2016

Marshmallow Shooters

This is a super fun and easy activity for any age.  I have made these two times now.  Once for my son's 8th birthday and once a few weeks ago for his Boy Scout troop (he's now 14).  Both times were a hit and the whole family got involved.

For the birthday, we made the shooters and had them aim at different targets in the yard.  I made the targets with a printed bulls-eye's and a paper plate stapled to the wall.  I used Chinet plates because they are a little thicker and I have added a bulls-eye printable for you to use.

Free 8" Printable

More recently, they made the shooters (and each boy tried to make a more elaborate one than the others) and then shot at each other.  Marshmallow wars!

Here's how to make this simple project for hours of fun!

What you'll need:
1/2" pvc pipe.  (You will need approx. 19" per shooter)
1/2" tee x 1
1/2" cap x 1  (Make sure to NOT buy the threaded pieces when shopping.)
1/2" elbows x 2
leftover spray paint
pvc glue?

Cut the PVC pipe into 5 pieces. 1 piece should be 7" and then you will need to cut the rest into 3" pieces, totaling 4.  Then assemble them as shown.  If you want to make the pieces permanent, you can also get some pvc pipe glue...but be sure to wait at least 24 hours after gluing before use.  That glue is very strong.

You can spray paint crazy colors like we did with leftover spray paint and let the kids build their own, or you can paint them a rainbow of colors before hand and let the kids just play like

Happiness is Homemade Marshmallow Guns

Or, you can just order them with Washi tape for a sweeter look over at Green Sheep Blog.  Still super fun!

Green Sheep Blog

Green Sheep Blog

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