Thursday, January 14, 2016

Playroom Cabinet Redo

While creating a play space for the kids, I ran into the above shaker door beauty at our local Habit for Humanity Store, which I love by the way.  It really is a hit or miss shopping experience, but I have run into some gorgeous rehab-able things there.  From some Anthropologie inspired lamps (I should've bought them when I saw them) to modern cubes or even our gorgeous drum light find. It has some incredible finds underneath piles of junk...all it takes is a little imagination and a good eye.

This cabinet had layers of contact paper attached that had to be sanded off and we added an extra sheet of wood over the laminate top to make it easier to paint.  After all the wood filling, refilling and sanding, I was able to try my first Annie Sloan project.  I had previously mixed my own chalk paint and although the finished result was good, the Annie Sloan paint is hands down worth the price difference for ease of use.  There are tons of tutorials online so I won't go into all that, but I must say that it is as fabulous as everyone says.  

I used the Old Violet Chalk Paint color and added both the light and dark wax on this piece.  I have come to love this solid wood cabinet and it can surely handle anything that three kids and all their friends can throw at it! 

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