Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Master Bath Redo

This summer was quite a to do at the Leni home.  As part of the bargain struck for little Asher, DH promised me a new master bath to recover in.  I could think of nothing worse than coming home with a newborn and having to use the dated, gross bathroom that was attached to the master bedroom. Ewww.

So, just as promised if not a little behind schedule, a new bathroom project was started at my six month mark.  As usual, at first it was fun picking tile, fixtures and seeing the daily progress but watching my growing belly and feeling my waning energy level soon replaced the excitement with time frame anxiety. Needless to say, while most women do nest during their pregnancy, I was doing some EXTREME nesting, endless dusting and mopping and sleeping on the couch. Forget all the normal practices like getting all the clothes and bedding ready, I just wanted to have a home that was not covered in an inch of construction dust when that little baby arrived.

But, in the nick of time a new bathroom was finished, just as I was about to deliver our newest addition. Actually, it was 99% done with one week to spare....which left me a little time for washing, folding and setting up Asher's room. As the final remodel push, the shower door was installed while I was in the hospital.  Promise fulfilled!

Quite the nail biter, I must admit, but the results have been well worth the hot, dusty and disorganized summer.  I love my new bathroom.  Thanks DH, for both new additions. ♥

 Before: toilet area-ewww


Before: shower across from toilet

Before: small wasted space closet

Before: large wasted space closet

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