Thursday, January 14, 2016


My sisters and I live away from each other and we feel the distance daily.  My favorite times are when we all get together and luckily, we succeed a few times a year. These times are crucial for me.
I cherish the moments that we have spent together with children running at our feet as we giggled the time away, talking and sharing what else, recipes and sisterly advice.  We have shared, among other things, what has cultivated our home lives, each so different from the other.  These days, with bigger kids and what seems like more distance apart, there are some of the same constants in our visits, the children, the giggling and the sharing.
With that thought in mind, I created a recipe site,  The site was designed for us to collaborate with each other but I also wanted a place where people who know us could find the recipes so very much requested.  What has really surprised me though, was the interest that the older kids have shown toward the site.  It seems that they have cherished memories of our time spent together and the food that accompanied it as well.
My heart swells when my 14 year old son (who has had little interest in cooking, other than eating it) asks his Auntie to post her apple dip recipe or when he asks to add his grill cheese recipe to the site, so his cousins can enjoy it as well.   It continues to swell when my eight year old daughter talks proudly of the crepe recipe she contributed that was able to impress the Aunties during their last visit.
It seems this site was a long time coming and will hopefully continue to nurture those who have come to love what cooking has become for us.  It is more than just bodily nourishment, but also nourishment of our families love for each other.
So, I share with you now,, where only the best family approved recipes are shared, with each other and now...with you.

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