Thursday, July 10, 2014

Scrub Jay Art

I have been spending a little time this summer painting.  It feels a little luxurious when I get to break out the oil paints.  Usually I work on something a little less messy since at any moment, I could get called into mom duty.  I did get a few  done over the week, all while quitting coffee cold turkey, and I am pleased with the result despite shaky hands from bean withdrawal. 
Our area has these beautiful scrub jays everywhere, we have a few in our yard everyday and I love their bright blue coloring and calming presence. These originals will be in Bills Donut's, where I will be hanging some of my caffeine free art. 
I am excited to have a local institution display my art.  Very excited to see where this leads.  But if you aren't in the area and love the print, I have them for sell on my Etsy site, check the links below. 
Scrub Jay on a Rock

Scrub Jay on a Wire

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dragonfly Illustration

I have had this outline in my sketchbook for a while now. Yesterday I added some color.  I must say, I think it turned out beautifully.  Its actually a little more muted on textured paper, but I love all the detail work.