Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to Display Big Boy Knick Knacks: Bronco Jar

I love collections.  When put together they tell a story, they are cohesive and add interest both at the same time.  I've posted a few collection on this blog but today the collection that I'm posting is different.  It is not a collection of beautiful things or even expensive things.  In fact it is a collection that has far more worth to some.  I'm talking about little knick knacks that wouldn't normally be allowed in or around display shelves. 

With Rob, that collection is Bronco toy cars.  He has been collecting them for a while now and to be honest, I have been helping him stocking stuffer ever.  But I have really been dreading having them out on display and he really is too old to be playing with them.  Yes, seriously.

So, I devised a plan.  If I can have seashells in glass jars and flowers or fruit.  Why not toy cars?  It makes a fun conversation piece on the coffee table and adds some color and youth  even masculinity  to a mom approved room.

So out of the sock drawer and into the light.  I love the way it turned out.  These Hot Wheels truly look like a piece of art.  So cool.  The only thing that I have to warn you about is little hands wanting to take the new coffee table display out for a test drive.

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