Monday, June 9, 2014

Engineered With Love: Pot Rack with Hidden Hood Vent

I dropped a hint a few weeks ago and was sidetracked with "Crazy May".  In our house, May is a crunch between baseball season in full mode and school festivus wrap-up events.  Throw in a weekend trip and time has gone before you knew it.

I wanted to share with you the project that we were working on for the kitchen.  We are sooo close to being done and checking the "kitchen" box, but this is one element that anchors the room so it is a biggie when it comes to getting it done.

hood and pot rack combo ideas
Since we have an island range, we need a range hood.  Being so frustrated with all the designs that are available, I decided to use my secret engineer weapon (Rob) and come up with a fun one of our own. 
Here are some sketches that I created.  They are a little raw and still in the preliminary doughy phase, but I thought I would share what we had in the works.  The idea is to keep the vent hidden and utilize the vent as a rack. 

I am definitely leaning towards the country rack for our home in powder-coated white for the vent and a dark steel for the rack and chain.  I do believe that the bottom one would be awesome in color with brass accents.  Oooh, the possibility. 

The other idea that I had was to make some more industrial racks but powder coat them to add color.  Hence the color chart on the left, I was thinking a little more modern design with the color racks.  My brain is still rolling around the best design for the modern racks.

Ideas?  Thoughts?  Please share, I would love ANY input!


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