Thursday, June 19, 2014

Custom Hood/Pot Rack Update, An Engineer's View

As previously mentioned, see post here, I have been disappointed with island range hoods and decided to design/have Rob design my own.  He is amazing.  I give him a picture and he brings it to life.  Being married to a man who knows how to turn my crazy schemes into realities is a BIG bonus! ♥

This baby is still in design phase, but I wanted to share with you the idea coming to fruition.   The box will be powder-coated white, the large bar will be an combo of oil rubbed bronze and brass.  The pots are there purely for your viewing pleasure, tee hee.
As you can see, from the doodle on my idea post, we decided not to go with the country look and take the more clean lined approach to the design.  For our home, we ditched the bolted industrial look on the box, allowing the brass and bronze to take center stage on the rack. 
I'm so excited.  It will house a working light and vent system for all of my cooking needs...bring on the stinky food.  Bacon, fish, spinach anyone?!

What do you think?


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