Monday, May 19, 2014

Rock and Gem Show

I went to my first ever Rock and Gem Show this past weekend and it rocked my world.  Seriously, I loved every second of it.  Rows and rows of beads and rocks and all kinds of wonderful shiny things for the eyes to take in.  Although I am not yet a jewelry maker, I was wowed by it all.
"Died and gone to bead heaven?" umm...absolutely.

Here are a couple images that I sneakily took so you could also enjoy it too! 




Color, color everywhere! I am so thrilled with the day that I just have to share my favorite finds.  Amethyst geode with layers of moss and blue lace agate.  There is some white quartz and calcite layered in there too.  I found the deep blue drusy and immediately snatched it up.  It looks amazing on my gold chain.  I'm feeling very sparkly and ready for summer!


Thanks for taking a peek. Rock on! 


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