Monday, May 12, 2014

More Kitchen Madness

I just wanted to share a sketch of the kitchen design that I had in mind when we were starting this project.  I know that the scale is a little off in the drawing, but I think that it is fun to see it while we are progressing.  Looks like things are moving along nicely according to my master plan.  Bwah, ha, ha.  However, we are still missing some of the key design pieces. 
These other additions are cool, I'll share a little of the "custom" ideas a little later this week.  This is when Rob gets to use his engineering brain and impress me with his home-ownering skills.

Kitchen Idea Sketch

I have a few installs and additions this week that will be really exciting to add.

  1. I ordered a modern little light to go over the kitchen sink.  It will help to modernize the farmhouse feel. 
West Elm Contour Double Sconce

    2.  The other thing that I have added to the room are these adorable stools from Wayfair

Boraam Bali Barstool
They are counter high and give off a retro modern vibe as well.  Again, to break up the farmhouse feel in the kitchen.
I got these in walnut to warm all the white and gray in the kitchen.  Also to pull the browns from the floor as well as the brown grout and specks in the tile.  I am loving them, they are all wood and simple to put together.  My kids love the fact that they spin. 
I actually ordered 3 of them. Two for the space that you see above and one for a buffet/desk that we are adding along one wall of the kitchen/dining area.  The three stools will help marry the spaces even though they are not super close together.

More to come on the buffet/desk area soon.

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