Friday, May 2, 2014

Hooray for Etsy: Norajane's Handmade Rubber Stamps

Feather Rubber Stamp
feather rubber stamp

Let's give a Friday morning shout out to all the Etsy b*tches out there! I love you.  You give me so much to love.  I'm constantly amazed at the talent and creativity of you all. Truly inspiring.

Today, I want to share the sweetest little stamp shop that I found on Etsy.   And yes, I am obsessed.  Since my 7 year old craft-a-holic decided to dabble in stamping, I have been hooked on not-your-run- of-the-mill stamps.  These fit the bill.  They make me want to stamp everything in sight!

Yellow Tang Rubber Stamp
yellow tang rubber stamp
Spot Rubber Stamp
spot rubber stamp
Cruiser Bicycle Rubber Stamp
cruiser bicycle rubber stamp
Needle and Thread Rubber Stamp
needle and thread rubber stamp
Hummingbird in Flight  Rubber Stamp
hummingbird in flight rubber stamp

Mischievous Monkeys Stamp Set
mischievous monkeys rubber stamps



So cute, creative, stylish and fun! Make sure to visit Norajane's shop  Norajane's Handmade Rubber Stamp Shop, she will love it.  Pick out a few stamps that would be a perfect addition to your notes as a personal little touch from you. 

Happy Friday everyone.

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