Friday, May 9, 2014

Hooray for Etsy: Entomology101

I am a sucker for bugs. I love them all (except spiders, those make me scream).  But they are such colorful and interesting specimens as well as art studies. 
Now, we all know I am a sucker for a butterfly but the more I look closely at bugs, the more beauty I see in them.  I am finding myself drawn to the metallic sheen on some beetles or the adorable dots on the ladybug.  Butterfly and moth wings are like little works of art to me.  The beauty and mystery in nature astonishes me and puts man made trinkets and designs to shame.  God's paintbrush, indeed. 

This Etsy artist has handmade all these gorgeous little bugs to look like actual science specimens, however these are feng shui friendly and just pure fun!

I am definitely obsessing over these right now. 
giant Leopard Moth
Jewel Beetle
Ghost Cicada
Baorisa Moth

Am I right or what.  These would be so cute in a little library or science theme room.  I just love them.  Here is another bug inspired find that I am adoring right now too from Land of Nod.

Framed Bug Natural History Art
and this one.....

Framed Butterfly Natural History Art
and just because these are so amazing, I'll throw this one in for free!

Framed Flower Natural History Art
Happy Friday everyone!


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