Monday, May 5, 2014

Chinese Ginger Jars (Happiness Pots): Obsessed

I've been kicking around the idea of bringing some ginger jars into my home. Now after seeing these lovely framed prints of antique pots, I am convinced. Aren't they perfect? *gasp*


 These babies are from C. Wonder and I'm obsessing over all four of them in a grouping surrounded by a truckload of actual ginger jars.

Personally, I think that these pots more striking when grouped.  Less is more does not apply to this one, for sure.  With these, more is more.  And I want more!!
For those who can be confused at time (me and my kin), happiness pots are Chinese ginger jars that are painted blue and white.  Traditional ginger jars date back to China's Tang Dynasty.  When ginger, a super valuable spice at the time, was transported to the west it was shipped in these beautifully crafted pots.  You can find them in different colors and styles but the blue and white jars symbolize luck and happiness, which is why only some are called "happiness" pots. 
Happiness and luck, who wouldn't want more of that? Sign me up, please.  Check out some inspiring décor loaded with these special pots. I'm sure those are some happy and lucky rooms!
The Enchanted Home
Okay, okay. I'm sure you get it!  I could ginger jar forever. "Ginger jars, FOREVER!" 
Seriously though, did you know that they are tricky little décor chameleons?  They perform well in any décor style.  
Where to find them?  They are almost anywhere right now.  But I love these ones from Wisteria.  They are fabulous!

There are some great ones at One Kings Lane right now too. These would be perfect to add a bit more modern to a traditional jar collection.   Williams-Sonoma has a great collection too. 
8" Floral Ginger Canister
8" Ginger Canister


Personally, I think that I might be on a lifetime hunt for these babies.  A mix of old and weathered ginger jar antiques is just what I need.  I'll keep you posted on my ginger hunt.  Yes, I'm going on a ginger jar hunt.  Wish me luck!


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