Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pineapple Pow or Pineapplezilla vs Canra

This little scene was imagined one evening, where most of my creative ideas happen.  In my bed, when the moments between the day mayhem and the evening calm allow me to relax and think. 
I was thinking about a new study that said fruit juice is worse than soda, the study states that the juice loses a lot of the "good stuff" in the juicing process.  This fact coupled with the natural vs added sugar moral dilemma, I knew it could be interesting.  
I envisioned a Godzilla like scene for the setting, so the pineapple and the canned juice among the perishable refrigerated items just made sense.  Add in a little comic book flair and it becomes a fun, food filled fight!
Click through for character and scene development.
Final Illustration

Example scene for city fight

First sketches of characters

Compilation of food items

Final drawing before adding paint

Illustration was done on illustration board with pen and acrylic paint. 

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