Monday, September 30, 2013

New Pics of Skateboard Deck Clocks

I added some new pictures to my Etsy site for a couple of the skateboard deck clocks.

Check em out.  I think that I finally have an idea of what the Etsy pictures need.

Canvas Prints

I just had some of my art turned into canvas prints and I love the way that they turned out. They look so much better on canvas. 

Canvas Print Etsy Link


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fallen Angel Illustration

Fallen Angel Illustration

Pineapple Pow or Pineapplezilla vs Canra

This little scene was imagined one evening, where most of my creative ideas happen.  In my bed, when the moments between the day mayhem and the evening calm allow me to relax and think. 
I was thinking about a new study that said fruit juice is worse than soda, the study states that the juice loses a lot of the "good stuff" in the juicing process.  This fact coupled with the natural vs added sugar moral dilemma, I knew it could be interesting.  
I envisioned a Godzilla like scene for the setting, so the pineapple and the canned juice among the perishable refrigerated items just made sense.  Add in a little comic book flair and it becomes a fun, food filled fight!
Click through for character and scene development.
Final Illustration

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Teddy Bear Pirate

I'm a doodler.  A sketcher.  And since I have two kids, I gravitate towards the child-like.  This little pirate came to mind and I wanted to show different facial characteristics to support the original sketch. That is why there are little floating bear heads in the scene. ha 
This particular sketch I roughly colored with colored pencils. 

This is another view of the pirate. I created this image in illustrator, showing the difference between hand drawn and computer enhanced.  The original sketch was colored and shaded with the program.
There are two entirely different effects in the end, both a lot of fun.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Carl's New Hip

First off, being an artist, means that inspiration strikes anytime.  And sometimes that inspiration is something that you can't control.

I was wanting to create a drawing that showcased my cartooning skills.  This is what I arrived at.  Partially due to the joking of my son about getting me life alert and partially due to just being a woman. A woman with a sense of humor, I might add.