Monday, February 4, 2013

Jungle Friends Bag and Illustration

This illustration was originally done for a kindergarten project.  I was asked to paint a jungle theme on a bag for my daughters class.  I had a lot of fun designing the kiddie friendly jungle theme and I got a jungle illustration checked off my list.  Every children's book illustrator needs at least one of these to be legit, am I right?  I was so inspired by the bag that I recreated the illustration for my portfolio.  This is done on illustration board with acrylic and pen. 

So, here's a little about my process:

Here is my rough sketch for the bag!  I drew them all on and painted them with fabric paint.

I do think that the bag turned out stinkin' cute. I was still beaming with pride when the bag came home from school for a action packed night of journaling with the class tiger, who was safely stowed inside!

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