Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oldie but Goodie Watercolor and Ink

I wanted to share some of my older work.  After listing them on Etsy, I have found that the oldie but goodie rule still rings true.  As in oldie, I mean like 10 years ago.  Living in Maui, drawing flowers on the beach...

I was really into a watercolor and ink stage during this stage.  I do find these older pieces still stunning and lovely, and quite honestly, it makes me yearn for a trip over there to paradise to draw some more flowers.   Ahhh.

  Here are some of my favorites.

Blue Bottle

Depressed Daisies


Vintage Hankerchief and Glass

Happy Little Bloom

Water Stones

Sunshine Plant

A New Growth

Modern Hawaiian Bouquet
Young Hibiscus

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