Friday, January 11, 2013

Custom Skateboard Clock Christmas 2012

I was contacted through Etsy to paint a custom skateboard clock as a christmas gift.  After a little brainstorming, the client and I decided to keep it simple with the car on a blank deck. Instead of a linear design, we choose to keep the realistic values in place.
Since it was for a boyfriend, we were really trying to make it as cool as possible.  The goal was simple and man cave perfect.

 A light sanding of the deck was needed for the paint to adhere correctly.  And after transferring the image to the deck, the painting began. 
I decided to use gray base tones to create depth...

Almost done.  Although the car was black, starting with a lighter base really helped create the dimensions that were needed to give the car a realistic look.
Here is the final picture.  A signature is added and the deck was sealed with a clear coat to protect it from whatever might happen in a man cave?!
I added some colorful clock hands, blue and neon green, to give the deck a little more energy and pop and it was done.  Not seen is the hardware on the back so the clock was ready to hang.
I was really happy with the result.  I loved the pop of color from the hands.   My client loved it too...
"My board/clock came out better than I imagined. Shelby figured out exactly what would work and even put up with me constantly asking if it was ready yet." -Heidi

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