Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Teacher Valentines 2013

My children's teachers are very special to me.  I have entrusted them with my little babies/monsters for a huge chunk of this school year.  And because they work so hard, I like to remind them throughout the year how great they are.

One such reminder is Valentine Day.  While most kids are getting sugar infused love, our family prefers to treat our teachers with a little more grown up love.  We usually make a special treat...like chocolate covered strawberries or cheesecake filled strawberries to warm the adult hearts. Added to this grown up sugar uphoria this year will be illustrated notes from me with a nice handwritten note from the kids.

Let me share with you the final illustrations:

One of the teachers adores frogs and vampires.  What better way to show her love than to combine the two?

The other teacher has called her class the tiger family, so a tiger teacher and a cub are perfect.  

Friday, January 11, 2013

Custom Skateboard Clock Christmas 2012

I was contacted through Etsy to paint a custom skateboard clock as a christmas gift.  After a little brainstorming, the client and I decided to keep it simple with the car on a blank deck. Instead of a linear design, we choose to keep the realistic values in place.
Since it was for a boyfriend, we were really trying to make it as cool as possible.  The goal was simple and man cave perfect.

 A light sanding of the deck was needed for the paint to adhere correctly.  And after transferring the image to the deck, the painting began. 
I decided to use gray base tones to create depth...

Almost done.  Although the car was black, starting with a lighter base really helped create the dimensions that were needed to give the car a realistic look.
Here is the final picture.  A signature is added and the deck was sealed with a clear coat to protect it from whatever might happen in a man cave?!
I added some colorful clock hands, blue and neon green, to give the deck a little more energy and pop and it was done.  Not seen is the hardware on the back so the clock was ready to hang.
I was really happy with the result.  I loved the pop of color from the hands.   My client loved it too...
"My board/clock came out better than I imagined. Shelby figured out exactly what would work and even put up with me constantly asking if it was ready yet." -Heidi

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oldie but Goodie Watercolor and Ink

I wanted to share some of my older work.  After listing them on Etsy, I have found that the oldie but goodie rule still rings true.  As in oldie, I mean like 10 years ago.  Living in Maui, drawing flowers on the beach...

I was really into a watercolor and ink stage during this stage.  I do find these older pieces still stunning and lovely, and quite honestly, it makes me yearn for a trip over there to paradise to draw some more flowers.   Ahhh.

  Here are some of my favorites.

Blue Bottle

Depressed Daisies


Vintage Hankerchief and Glass

Happy Little Bloom

Water Stones

Sunshine Plant

A New Growth

Modern Hawaiian Bouquet
Young Hibiscus

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tee Pee Wolf

Tee Pee Wolf
The final illustration from my recent class.  I chose to use geometric shapes to help tell this story. 
Based on a story for children, this wolf is one of my favorite designs so far.  I am really loving the  excitement that comes from simple shapes. 

Here is a little more into the process: