Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stomach Venus

It's that time again.  Another illustration reveal from my illustration class.  This one seems perfect for the Halloween season.

Stomach Venus
This illustration represents a story of a family who had a very intense history for stomach cancer.  The family was informed that a gene was responsible for the cancer and those in the family who were found with the gene opted to have their stomachs removed.

I am pretty please with the outcome, elegant and creepy.  What a lovely mix.

Here is a little about the process, because I love to share my wandering path of thought with you all.

Here is my first drawing.  A very rough draft, as you can see it is proportioned way off and needed a lot of fine tuning.  Good base idea though.

Here is the final sketch, for image transfer.
It is pretty cool, just in outline form.  But the acrylic painting just make it sing.  

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