Monday, October 1, 2012

More Lunch Bag Love

Well it has been a blur of school filled weeks in our home.  We have been busy with homework, baseball and lots of kinder bugs.  But this has not stopped the lunch bag fairy {aka me} from performing miracles.  And by that I mean only 2 days of hot lunch so far.  Hooray.  Pat on the back to mom for providing healthy lunches to super kids!

As promised, lots of lunch time fun has been provided.





Even the cousins have gotten in on the fun.  I sent my niece andd nephew some bags for their back to school too.  They loved it.



And look, Mini Me (aka B) is getting in on the fun too.  She is too much.  These bags are amazing!  Hello Kitty for her and Kirby for her brother.  *sigh* What a sweetheart.


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